27th International Society of Heterocyclic Chemistry Congress

Abstract Submission

Abstract submission deadline: July 2,2019

Application for oral and poster presentations

All attendees of 27ISHC Congress are welcome to give oral (15min including discussion) and poster presentations on the following topics:
1) Heterocycles for Organic Chemistry
2) Heterocycles for Life Sciences
3) Heterocycles for Material Sciences

Oral Presentations: Because of the limited number of oral presentation slots, the organizing committee could be involved in selecting oral presenters in case we have so many applications. Those who are eliminated from the selections are requested to have a poster presentation.
Poster Presentations and Flash Presentations: Among poster presentations submitted by either students or postdocs, the organizing committee will select 16 flash presentations each day. Each presentation has a 6 min talk but no discussion time. Those who are selected to give the flash presentation also give a poster presentation on the same day, therefore, they will have a discussion during the poster presentation. In order to apply for the flash presentation, an applicant needs to check the box on the website of the application form for presentation. The results of these selections will be announced on the website at the beginning of July, 2019.
Poster Awards will be presented to a dozen of postdocs and students who made outstanding poster presentations.

Those who hope to give a presentation are required to fill in an application form for presentation prior to submitting an abstract. When the registration for presentation is completed, an e-mail reply containing an ID and password is automatically sent to your e-mail address. Please contact us in case you do not get any e-mail reply.

Those who hope to give an oral or poster presentation are requested to submit an abstract on the website.

If you forgot your ID and password

Abstracts of all accepted contributions will be included within the abstract system which will be distributed to all registered congress participants.

The authors who hope to give a presentation at the congress must complete online participation registration on the same day (or the next day at the latest) of the abstract submission. Payment for the registration is required by July 5, 2019 to validate your presentation.

Abstract Preparation Outline

Please use the abstract template which can be downloaded here. An example of the abstract can be downloaded here. Manuscript size: A4, one page. Margins: top = 35 mm, bottom = 25 mm, left and right = 20 mm each (please do not change the margins). English, Times New Roman. Color graphics are acceptable.

After the abstract is prepared with Microsoft Word, it needs to be transformed into a PDF file. Fonts should be embedded in the file for fear of character garbling.

Please upload the PDF file of an abstract with the file name consisting of the ID combined with the family name of the presenter, for example "007AKAI.pdf".

Change and modification of registration and abstract

You can change or modify the registration for your presentation during a period for application but cannot do so after the deadline for the application. The ID and password are required for the change or modification.

Change and modification of an abstract are possible during a period for application but they are not accepted after the deadline for the submission. Please upload a changed or modified abstract after typing the ID and password.