Receiving application extended until April 24, 2015

Application for general presentation
All attendees of ISPC 2015 are welcome to submit their abstracts for oral or poster presentations.
Those who hope to give a presentation are required to fill in an application form for general presentation and submit it to the ISPC 2015 Secretariat.
When registration is completed, an e-mail reply containing an ID and password is sent automatically to your e-mail address. Please contact us in case you don't get the e-mail reply.

*Application for general presentation was closed.
Change and modification of registration
*You can change or modify the registration during a period for application but can't do so after a deadline for the application. The ID and password are required for the change or modification.
*change and modification of application for general presentation was closed.
*The above-mentioned ID and password are also required for the registration of an abstract for presentation,

Deadline for application of an presentation:
April 10 (Friday), 2015

The Presentation number is to be given to you later on.
Abstract Preparation Outline
Please prepare your manuscript in accordance with the following instructions.
The formatted sample is the actual format. It is not necessary to strictly follow suit with this, but deleting the colored characters (and graphics such as text boxes and arrows), and then overwriting the text will enable easy creation of the abstract.
Further, we also ask you to prepare a graphical abstract.
Please refer to the other file.
Manuscript size: A4. Margins; top = 35 mm, bottom = 25 mm, left and right = 20 mm each. (please observe strictly)
Please prepare 2 pages.
English: Times New Roman / title: Bold, 12 point, body text: 11 point
After the abstract is prepared with Microsoft Word, it needs to be transformed into a PDF file. Fonts should be embedded in the file for fear of character garbling.
Uploading of an abstract for presentation and a graphical abstract
Please upload the PDF file of an abstract with the file name consisting of the ID combined with abstract, for example "070abstact.pdf", and the graphical abstract with the file name consisting of the ID combined with G, for example "070G.pdf.
*Upload Abstract was closed.
Change and Modification of Abstract
Change and modification of an abstract are possible during a period for application but they are not accepted after a deadline submission. Please upload the changed or modified abstract after typing the ID and password.
*Change and Modification of Abstract was closed.
Deadline for submitting an abstract
May 15 (Friday), 2015

Abstracts will be available on our website after the symposium have been finished.
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